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We welcome you to be part of the PCEC family!

If you share the same vision with us, to become catalysts in hastening the discipling of our nation for the Lord Jesus Christ, by promoting unity and cooperative ministries and engaging in helping transform every Filipino community for God and Jesus Christ, we invite you to be a member of PCEC.

Here’s how.

Step 1. Fill-up the PCEC Membership Application Form.

Step 2. Submit the PCEC Application Form together with the following requirements.

• Copy of Article of Incorporation and By-Laws
• Statement of Faith
• Directory of churches/ workers/ missionaries/ branches
• Historical perspective
• Minutes of the Board Resolution on Membership Application
• Endorsement letter from any member body of PCEC.
• Official Receipt of Application Fee

Step 3. Processing of application and review by PCEC Board of Directors.

Step 4. Approval of Membership Application.

Step 5. Ratification of Membership during PCEC National Assembly.

Download: PCEC Membership Application Form