The Philippine Children’s Ministries Network (PCMN) which serves as the PCEC Commission on Children was established in 1998, resulting from a three-day consultation entitled “The Church and the Children at Risk: Caring the Way Christ Cared.” The consultation was a response to the need for a coordinated effort among churches and parachurch organizations with specific ministries to disadvantaged children or those in especially difficult circumstances.  

PCMN is a Christ-centered national network of Christian children’s ministries, local churches, mission groups and individual which is committed to enhancing the Christian response. It seeks to facilitate a unified approach to children’s mission by linking the different key people in the ministry. It also strives to strengthen current initiatives and encourage the development of other children’s ministries and to create a strong Christian voice on behalf of the children.


We are Christians empowered by God, working together in transforming society for every Filipino child to reflect God’s image and reach their full potential.


We work in partnership with member organizations and churches, caring and empowering each other, serving as a voice for the cause of children, promoting their participation and facilitating transformation in their lives and in society.


Biblically Rooted Ministry
We uphold the authority of the Bible in our lives and ministries.

Empowering Partnerships
We empower our members by enhancing their capabilities to carry out more effective ministries.

Committed Involvement
We are highly committed to work together as agents of transformation in the lives of children and in society.

Caring Community
We care for each other as we care for the children. We have a deep sense of belonging and community.

Strong Church Linkages
We partner with local churches to fulfill God’s purpose for the children.

Participative and Enabled Children
We affirm and value the God-given gifts, talents and capabilities of children, recognize them as major stakeholders of children’s ministries who should be provided with opportunities to actively participate in all matters that directly concern them.

Responsible Advocacy
Together with other stakeholders we advocate and influence decisions on children’s issues at the local, regional and national levels.

Sustainable Network
We are a duly recognized national Christian Network for children at risk with sufficient human and material resources to serve its members organizat


1. Networking. Promote and facilitate the formation of local and regional networks that would have the capacity to respond to child protection and participation issues.

2. Empowerment. Provide services and events that will enhance existing programs, encourage the development of new ministries, and address the needs of workers.

3. Advocacy. Provide a strong Christian voice for children at risk, raise public awareness and mobilize churches and individuals alike to action.

4. Strategic Partnership. Facilitate strategic partnership among the different stakeholders in addressing the issues and concerns of children at risk.


Contact Us:

Fe Foronda
National Coordinator
Tel. +63 (2) 881-0568

  The Shepherd's Well Transformation Center, Inc.  

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