Formerly named the Network of Evangelical Peace Advocates, PARCOM was conceived in a consultation workshop on March 2009. The working group saw the need to collaborate in order to synergize their similarities, maximize the uniqueness of each group, become comprehensive in reach and in depth, to strengthen the advocacy and education among the evangelical community, and to have a united evangelical voice. Among the groups who attended were PCEC, Peacebuilders Community, Alliance of Christian Development Agencies (ACDA), MINPEACE (formerly Mindanao Convergence), and Peacemakers Philippines.

PCEC through PARCOM, hopes to explore the potential of faith-based approaches to intervene or mediate in the peace process in helping bridge the divide among peoples groups and between faiths, by continuously engaging and facilitating inter- and intra-group dialogues, building relationships, developing trust, searching for a common ground, and working in synergy with secular initiatives, in addressing common problems.
  Vision: Shalom

Mission: To have a united evangelical voice and presence in pursuing peace & reconciliation through a comprehensive response to peace issues at all levels of society.

PARCOM is committed to help in the transformational church-resourcing and peace-
building ministries among the people of this beautiful but conflicted archipelago. This commission is a practical articulation of a Peace Theology—that is, advancing the Gospel of Shalom. Shalom is understood as harmony with the Creator (spiritual transformation), harmony with our Being (psycho-social transformation), harmony with Others (socio-political transformation), and harmony with the Creation (economic-ecological transformation).

PCEC envisions to initiate a Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Movement nationwide by establishing one PAR Community in every province in this country. PARCOM is committed to equip and train spiritual leaders, who have deep intimate relationship with God, to lead this PAR Movement.

Definition of Terms

PARCOM is using the term peace-building as "a comprehensive concept that encompasses, generates, and sustains the full array of processes, approaches, and stages needed to transform conflict toward more sustainable, peaceful relationships." Peace-building, as a strategy, has many components. Among them are: conflict transformation, military intervention and conversion, governance and policymaking, restorative and transitional justice, environmental protection, human rights, civilian and military peacekeeping, peace education, activism and advocacy, trauma healing, and social-economic development. [John Paul Lederach, Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies (USIP, Washington, DC, 1997, p. 20)].

A PAR Community is a group of community leaders—church leaders, local government leaders, non-government organization leaders, or any mix of these—who have expressed their interest to have a working relationship with us and who have made a commitment to embrace our Peace Theology.

A PAR Leader is a respected woman or man of peace who is actively modeling as a person belonging to a PAR Community, and who demonstrates a heart of a servant, a soul of a teacher, a mind of a manager, and strength of a leader.

Team Leaders

Chairperson: Bishop John Tayoto
Vice-Chairperson: Pastor Joey Umali
Secretary-Treasurer: Ms. Maloi Salumbides

Luzon Commissioners:
Dr. Mariano Apilado (La Union)
Bryan Jay Nahag Paler (Metro Manila)

Visayas Commissioners:
Rev. Edwin Arana (Iloilo City)
Prof. Jimmy Maming (Aklan)

Mindanao Commissioners:
Bishop Genesis Udang (Cagayan de Oro City)
Ms. Hermie Carillo (Davao City)

Bishop Efraim Tendero
Rev. Luis Daniel Pantoja
Ms. Susan May Granada
Pastor Boyet Ongkiko


* Statement on the Current Situation in our Land in the aftermath of the Mamasapano Tragedy (2015-04-08) (download pdf file)

* Statement on the Final Stages of Peace Negotiations in Mindanao (2014-01-30) (download pdf file)

* Statement on Zamboanga Crisis (2013-09-13) (download pdf file)

* Statement on Bangsamoro Framework Agreement (2013-07-18) (download pdf file)

* Statement on the GPH-MILF Peace Talks (2013-03-27) (download pdf file)

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