The League of Philippine Evangelist (LPE) is a commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) with the task of enlisting, equipping, and mentoring Filipino evangelists to effectively proclaim the Gospel to the whole nation.

The Institute of Itinerant Evangelists (IIE) is LPE’s training arm conducting seminars, workshops and trainings to develop potential evangelists. LPE also provide short courses and conducts monthly modular evangelistic seminars along with actual hands-on witnessing, evangelism, and crusades in coordination with denominations, local churches and para-church organizations.


To see all Filipino Evangelists effectively proclaiming the Gospel.


To enlist, equip, encourage and mentor Filipino Evangelists in proclaiming the Gospel to the whole nation.


1. To identify, enlist and recognize Filipino Evangelist by networking and coordinating denominations, local churches, para-church organizations in order to build relationships on a continual basis.
2. To develop, equip, encourage potential evangelists through seminars and training.
3. To mentor Filipino evangelists in proclaiming the gospel to the whole nation.


1. Training of Evangelists (Institute of Itinerant Evangelist, IIE).
2. Forming and conducting fellowships among LPE local chapters nationwide.
3. National and Regional Congress on Evangelism.
4. Organizing Evangelism Seminars in churches.
5. Conducting Evangelistic Crusades in cooperation with local churches.
6. Mentoring Filipino evangelists in proclaiming the Gospel to the whole nation.


In 1983 the Billy Graham Evangelist Association sponsored a conference in Amsterdam primarily for itinerant evangelists. Bishop George Castro and Dr. Greg Tingson led the Philippine delegation composed of about 80 pastors and evangelists. The conference not only equipped them as ministers of God’s Word but also rekindled their passion for evangelism.

Towards the end of the ten-day gathering, Dr. Tingson summoned all the Filipino delegates and voiced out the urgency of responding to the challenge they had heard. He shared with them the need to form an association or a team that will work together towards the evangelization of the entire Philippines. During the deliberation, a network of evangelist was conceived – Bayanihan Fellowship of Philippine evangelists (BAFPE), with Dr. Tingson serving as consultant and adviser.

In that same year, one of the leaders of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) initiated a meeting with the group to establish partnership with it in helping fulfill the DAWN (Discipling a Whole Nation) 2000 vision of seeing a church planted in every barangay nationwide by year 2000. Challenged by the vision, the body readily committed to work hand in hand with PCEC. It was also during this meeting that the network’s name was changed to The League of Philippine Evangelists (LPE).

Since then, LPE has been actively and faithfully carrying out its role in discipling the nation for Christ by equipping evangelists from all over the country through conferences and seminars and by doing saturation evangelism.

National Officers
  Arnold S. Salvio
National President
  Jesse Cresencio
Vice-President Visayas
  Jollieh P. Petallo
National Vice-President
  Dave D. Estoye
Vice-President Mindanao
  Arturo M. De Castro
National Secretary / VP-NCR
  Romeo P. Valle
National Treasurer
  Bienvenido P. Galo, Jr.
Vice-President Luzon
  Danilo del Rosario
National Auditor
Board of Trustees
Arnulfo S. Salvio
Arturo M. de Castro
Romeo P. Valle
Segundina E. Rabinap
Rolando R. Manuel
Bienvenido B. Galo, Jr.
Dan del Rosario
Efren Teoxon
Ismael Jiao
Joemarie Sumalca
Jessie Cresencio
Marlon Tabuzo
Dave E. Estoye
Isachar L. Losbañes
Jollieh P. Petallo
Executive Committee
  Apolonio Tan
Arnulfo S. Salvio
Arturo M. de Castro
Bienvenido P. Galo, Jr.
Danilo Del Rosario
Segundina E. Rabina
Elsa V. Magat
  Jollieh P. Petallo
Isachar L Losbañes
Paul V. Mortiz
Rolando R. Manuel
Robert R. Morte, Jr.
Romeo P. Valle

Contact Us:

League of Philippine Evangelists
Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
62 Molave Street, Project 3,
Quezon City 1102 Philippines

    Pstr. Art de Castro
Tel. +63 (2) 433 1546
TeleFax. +63 (2) 913 1655
Mobile. (0920) 202 4636


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